False Powderpost Beetles

Physical Characteristics


  • Usually reddish-brown to black
  • Size from 1/8 inch to 1 inch.
  • Body is elongated and cylindrical.
  • Head is directed downward, the thorax is usually hood-like and covers the head. There is one species, however, that does not have the head directed downward.
  • Antennae are straight with a three to four segmented club at the end.
  • Tarsi are five-segmented.


  • Are grub-like and somewhat C-shaped.
  • Are wrinkled in appearance
  • Head is slightly darker than the cream-colored body.
  • Have black mandibles.


  • False powderpost beetles prefer hardwood, but they will attack softwood. Most species only infest fresh wood and will not infest or re-infest seasoned wood. (This means that some structures or furniture may have signs of damage that was done before the wood was used to build the structure.)
  • Exit holes are 0.09 to 0.28 inch in diameter, sometimes smaller.
  • Tunnels are round and tightly packed with frass, which is a fine to coarse powder that tends to stick together.
  • Infestations are usually in wood that contains bark, firewood, grapevine wreaths, veneers, furniture parts, and ornamental products.
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