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Oriental Cockroach



Oriental cockroaches are native to the Middle East, but have become distributed throughout much of the United States. Their development cycle is seasonal with more adults found in late spring or early fall, decreasing by late summer or early fall.


  • Glossy dark brown to black coloration
  • Females nearly 1 ¼ inches long; Males are 1 inch long
  • Male’s wings cover most of the body
  • Female’s wings are reduced to mere lobes
  • Not capable of flight
  • Do not move very fast even when disturbed

Where Found

Oriental cockroaches are capable of surviving in a wide range of outdoor habitats, but prefer areas with high humidity. They live in cool, moist places, such as beneath leaves, under porches and in plant compost. basements, cellars and crawl spaces. Homes are usually invaded through cracks in the foundation, along sewer pipes or under doors. These cockroaches are not capable of climbing slick surfaces. In structures they tend to live under refrigerators, sinks and washing machines.

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